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Diary Number:5


Daily Summary

One of our Irish cultures that we have brought with us is the weather, it has now been raining non-stop for three days. The city of Granada is pretty well equiped for this weather though. Virtually all places have outdoor canopies with heaters, so it is still very easy once covered up to explore even more of this wonderful city.

Learning & Positive Aspects of the Day

My learning of the day was that Paola taught us well in just six short weeks, having my morning Cafe con Leche and I was approached by other tourists who asked me if I was from Granada and although my answer was short and sweet I understood the question in Spanish and answered with a No Lo Siento, positive outcome achieved.

Challenges Encountered

The challenge for the past few days has been to accept the weather, get well covered and just enjoy the city. In work placement it is slow this time of year and Monday is the day that all of the Directors have off, so working on my own initative and continuing with my Powerpoint I have to present it to the Director later.


I have been continuing with my Powerpoint and I am hopeful that it will be OK for the director. He asked me to give the directions to each of the main travel points from the hotel, and to explain them in an easy English and understandable way. I believe I have achieved this and will know more later after my meeting.


My cultural experience happened last evening when returning to the apartment, I entered an old style Gothic church and there was a group of people saying what sounded like the rosary. What hit me most was the devotion and passion that they put into the prayer. Having been on the Erasmus placement to Poland earlier this year and also observing worship I can see the comparison for the dedication to the church and although the group was smaller the devotion was very evident here.

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