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Diary Number:3


Daily Summary

Beginning of a new week, I am continuing my work experience. The hotel’s name is Nest Style. It is in the heart of the city in Plaza del Carmen. For my work assignment, I have to produce a powerpoint that they intend to publish as an information guide of directions from the hotel to each of the main attractions and also the airport and train and bus stations.

Learning & Positive Aspects of the Day

Because it is such a beautiful city the whole experience is positive. Each day is a learning curve from the use of the language to finding my way around and discovering new places and things.

Challenges Encountered

Each day gives a new challenge mostly for me it is the language barrier but I try to use as much as I can and because I love the cuisine trying to see and taste as much of it as I can make ordering new dishes a challenge but a good one.


I am by myself in my work placement and I have to work on my own initiative and produce the powerpoint which provides a challenge but hopefully, the management will be happy with my work.


The city is full of culture and over the weekend we went to Sevilla and Malaga, going to the Piccaso Gallery The Cathedral and Alczare, which were all wonderful. In Granada, all of the streets have different Mozaics on the pavement that are made of small paving stones which are beautiful and interesting.

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