Blog Entry day 4

Diary Number: 4


Daily Summary

Today I went to work placement at 8.30. Nobody was there so I had to wait. When teachers arrived I helped to prepare the classroom before all the children came. When children came the teacher asked could I help the teacher in another classroom. So today was my first day in different class. Children there was 2 to 3 years old. Like every other day I was observing and before lunch we went outside.

Learning & Positive Aspects of the Day

Today I learned how to make homemade Spanish bread. They are making it every day. I also learned about Montessori equipment for younger children and how they teach English in there.

Challenges Encountered

The language barrier was a big challenge again.I also had to show for one of the children how to correctly use Montessori equipment so U was a bit nervous. I also was in a different class so it was a bit awkward for a while because I didn’t know children and they didn’t know me.


I feel I did well today. I spend a bit less time observing so I feel I learnt more today doing something and helping children then just observing.


Today we went to the walking tour around Granada’s old town. We went to the place where we could see all the Granada. It was absolutely beautiful.

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