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Diary Number:10


Daily Summary

The work aspect has finished but the experience of a different country continues. We have had our Graduation night and our self presentations of work placement last evening, and although I didn’t have much to input due to not doing a lot. It was really interesting and very positive to hear that everyone else’s placement was so good and interesting.

Learning & Positive Aspects of the Day

I got to learn how all of the other guys got on in their placements and it was almost 100% positive and very very interesting especially hearing about the special needs care as I have an interest in this personally.

Challenges Encountered

The personal challenge for me today was the saying “Good-bye” Adios to all of my new found friends and locals. They are a very friendly and welcoming lot.


I found that the overall challenge of communication when I arrived has evolved into a challenge of saying good-bye. And it may be something I will look into having a return visit and have been told by all of the locals that I would be very welcome.


I was completely overwhelmed by the cultural aspect of the whole trip, and in the last few days once we have got to know more of the locals just how friendly and even though we have cultural differences we also have so much in common. Adios Granada, I will miss you a lot.

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